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Dr. Kyle Bogan's Comprehensive Treatment Approach

My holistic approach to dentistry, emphasizes not just immediate fixes but long-term health and functionality. Complete dentistry means I look at the bigger picture—focusing on your entire oral system, including the temporomandibular joint, muscles, and teeth.

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My holistic approach to dentistry, emphasizes not just immediate fixes but long-term health and functionality. Complete dentistry means I look at the bigger picture—focusing on your entire oral system, including the temporomandibular joint, muscles, and teeth.

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Traditional dental practices often limit their scope to treating visible damage, such as decayed or broken teeth, without delving into the underlying causes. This narrow approach can lead to a cycle of recurring issues, like repeated breakages, fillings, crowns, and even TMJ disorders.

Step 1

In-Depth Examination

Dr. Bogan begins with a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, muscles, and joints, setting the foundation for personalized care.

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Assessing bite alignment and function.

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Evaluating gum health and potential periodontal issues

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Examining jaw joint health and muscle integrity

examination using camera
CBCT radiologic examination
Step 2

CBCT Radiographic Examination

Utilizing advanced CBCT technology, Dr. Bogan gains detailed, 3D insights into your oral structure, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

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Providing precise imaging for better analysis

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Identifying underlying structural concerns

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Mapping out critical treatment areas with high precision

Step 3


This step involves a comprehensive collection of records, including photos, bite records, and model impressions, for a holistic view of your oral health.

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Capturing detailed photographic records for visual assessment

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Creating bite records to understand occlusal dynamics

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Taking model impressions for accurate treatment planning

Dr. Bogan doing records appointment
Comprehensive treatment plan image, machines.
Step 4

Development of Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Dr. Bogan crafts a tailored treatment plan addressing all bacterial, structural, and functional issues, using tools like a jaw replicator for in-depth analysis.

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Targeting bacterial infections and decay

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Addressing structural damage and alignment issues

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Planning for functional restoration and bite correction

Step 5

Treatment Consultation

In a detailed consultation, Dr. Bogan discusses the treatment options, ensuring you are fully informed and comfortable with the proposed plan.

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Presenting tailored treatment options

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Clarifying the expected outcomes and benefits

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Answering any questions to ensure understanding and comfort

kyle and client
patient receiving good treatment from Dr. Bogan.
Step 6


The final step is the implementation of the treatment plan, where Dr. Bogan's expertise and the latest dental technologies come together to restore your oral health.

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Executing the personalized treatment plan

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Utilizing advanced techniques for optimal results

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Focusing on restoring health, function, and aesthetics

Traditional vs.  complete Dentistry: What’s the Difference?

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Traditional Dentistry: 
Quick Fixes for Immediate Problems

Traditional dentistry is all about dealing with your dental issues right when they pop up. Think cavities, gum problems, and regular cleanings. The check-ups are usually quick, and the focus is mainly on sorting out problems that are easy to spot. It’s a bit like putting a band-aid on a cut – it does the job for now, but it might not stop you from getting hurt again later.

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Complete Dentistry: A Full Check-Up for a Lasting Smile

Dr. Kyle Bogan believes in looking at the bigger picture with complete dentistry. It’s not just about fixing what’s wrong right now; it’s about understanding your whole mouth – your teeth, your jaw, and even the muscles around it. The idea is to make sure everything is working together perfectly, so you have a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. It’s like having a personal trainer for your teeth, making sure everything is in top shape and stays that way.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our dental services and practice.

How Can Complete Dentistry Address My TMJ Issues?

Dr. Bogan specializes in identifying and treating TMJ disorders through complete dentistry. By examining how your jaw joints interact with the rest of your oral system, he can create a personalized treatment plan to alleviate pain, improve function, and prevent future issues.

I’ve Heard About Full Mouth Restoration. What Does That Involve?

Full mouth restoration is a comprehensive approach to rejuvenate your entire smile. Dr. Bogan assesses every aspect of your oral health to create a customized plan, which may include procedures to repair damaged teeth, address gum issues, and ensure proper alignment. The goal is to restore function, aesthetics, and overall oral wellness.

Can Complete Dentistry Help with Sleep Apnea?

Absolutely! Dr. Bogan’s holistic approach includes evaluating your risk for sleep apnea and providing effective solutions. By ensuring your oral system is properly aligned and functioning, he can help alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea, leading to better sleep and improved overall health.

How Does Complete Dentistry Differ in Treating Tooth Damage and Decay?

Unlike traditional dentistry that might just fill a cavity and move on, complete dentistry digs deeper. Dr. Bogan doesn’t just fix the damage; he looks for the “why” behind it. Was it your bite, jaw alignment, or something else? By understanding the root cause, he can provide a solution that’s not just a quick fix but a lasting improvement for your oral health.

What Should I Expect During My Comprehensive Oral Examination with Dr. Bogan?

Think of it as a detailed check-up for your entire mouth. Dr. Bogan takes the time to thoroughly examine not just your teeth, but also your gums, jaw, and the way everything works together. He’ll chat with you about your oral habits, any discomfort you’re experiencing, and your health goals. It’s all about getting a full picture of your oral health to create a tailored plan for your unique needs.

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