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Downloadable Forms for New Patients

Streamline your new patient onboarding process with our convenient forms.

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Streamline your new patient onboarding process with our convenient forms.

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Streamline your new patient onboarding process with our convenient forms.

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Payment Options and Insurance Details

We offer flexible payment options and work with various insurance providers to ensure you receive the dental care you need.

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Dr. Bogan is in-network with many PPO insurance companies.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our dental services and practice.

How do Dr. Kyle Bogan's dental services differ from regular dental visits?

Dr. Kyle Bogan's methodology is rooted in a holistic view of dentistry, focusing not just on treating symptoms but on understanding and resolving the underlying causes of oral health issues. This comprehensive approach, incorporating advanced diagnostics and personalized treatment plans, ensures a more sustainable and effective solution to dental health, setting it apart from conventional dental practices.

Why aren’t these types of specialized dental treatments always covered by insurance, and what does this mean for me?

Most dental insurance plans are designed to cover basic and routine care, focusing on short-term treatments and problems caused by bacteria only. Dr. Kyle Bogan's services, however, prioritize long-term oral health outcomes and involve advanced technologies and methodologies that go beyond standard care, which is why they might not be completely covered by traditional insurance policies. This approach is an investment in your future health, potentially reducing the need for more extensive dental work down the line.

What financial options can help me manage the cost of treatments if insurance isn't an option?

Understanding the importance of accessible high-quality dental care, our office provides a range of payment solutions to accommodate different financial situations. This includes customized payment plans, third-party financing options with favorable terms, and assistance in leveraging HSAs or FSAs, making advanced dental care achievable for our patients.

Why should I consider your services if they're not covered by insurance?

The unfortunate answer to this question is that dental insurance companies do not have your long term health as their top priority.  Complete care dentistry is an investment in the longevity of your oral health that averts repetitive and costly dental issues in the future. Dr Kyle Bogan’s use of state-of-the-art technology and holistic treatment approach not only addresses immediate dental concerns but also promotes overall oral wellness, offering value that extends far beyond the initial investment.

How does Dr. Kyle Bogan determine the right treatment plan for me?

The initial examination is a detailed and multifaceted assessment that includes evaluating the teeth, gums, jaw, and bite function through the use of advanced imaging technologies like CBCT scans amongst other technologies. This thorough evaluation allows Dr. Kyle Bogan to craft a highly personalized treatment plan that targets not just the symptoms but the root cause of your oral health issues, ensuring a more effective and lasting solution.

Can I schedule a consultation to understand more about the treatments and costs involved?

Absolutely, we encourage a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Bogan to address your oral health concerns directly. This session is a chance to explore your treatment options in depth, understand the unique benefits of our advanced dental care approach, and receive a transparent breakdown of costs and financial planning options tailored to your situation.

What happens if I don't treat bite and joint problems that are present?

Unfortunately, occlusal disease (functional issues with the bite and temporomandibular joint) is a progressive condition that becomes much worse when left untreated over several years.  Many individuals who are now seeking treatment for complete bite reconstruction with dental implants could have preserved their natural teeth if the occlusal disease was identified and treated earlier.  Early intervention in these cases can not only provide a lifetime of bite stability, but also saves our patients thousands of dollars.

The Importance of Comprehensive Exams

Learn why comprehensive exams are crucial for oral health.

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