revolutonizing oral wellness: meeT dental expert dr. kyle bogan

In the last 15 years, I've encountered a multitude of patients grappling with broken teeth, shattered restorations, persistent joint and muscle pain, and the discomfort of misaligned bites. The scarcity of dentists equipped with the specialized know-how to tackle these intricate challenges and establish oral health stability has fueled my unwavering commitment to solving these issues!

A Leader in Advanced Restorative and Complete Dentistry

Dr. Kyle Bogan stands out as a beacon of knowledge and expertise in the field of dentistry, with an impressive educational background and a deep commitment to advancing oral health. A proud alumnus of The Ohio State University, Dr. Bogan earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, laying a robust foundation for his future endeavors in dental medicine.

His journey did not stop there; he pursued and excelled in his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree, graduating Magna Cum Laude. This prestigious accomplishment is a testament to his dedication, skill, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge in the intricate world of dentistry. Dr. Bogan's academic excellence set the stage for his induction into Omicron Kappa Upsilon, the National Dental Honor Society, an honor reserved for those who truly stand out in their field.

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Experience and Expertise in the Dental Industry

With extensive education, qualifications, and a passion for advancing in his field, Dr. Bogan stands out in the dental industry. His recognition as a Fellow in both the International College of Dentists and the Academy of General Dentistry places him among the top professionals worldwide, a testament to his unwavering dedication to dental excellence.

Ohio State University, Doctorate in Dental Science
15+ Years

A Passion for Life Beyond Dentistry

Outside of the dental practice, Dr. Bogan values quality time with his family, relishing in shared experiences and making cherished memories together. An enthusiastic golfer, he appreciates the precision and focus the sport demands, skills that also define his approach to dentistry. Dr. Bogan is also a film enthusiast, finding relaxation in the captivating narratives and storytelling that movies offer.

His passion for family care begins at home where he and his wife are the proud parents of two children. Together, they embrace the adventures of parenthood and create a nurturing environment filled with love and laughter.

His love for travel takes him on adventures to explore new destinations, savoring the cultural richness and experiences each place has to offer. Whether it's hiking through rugged terrains, enjoying the beach, or simply reveling in the serenity of a picturesque sunset, he finds joy in the beauty of the world.

Dr. Kyle and wife posing together.

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