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Are you ready to change your practice culture?

Hear Kyle’s journey to building a thriving team and learn transferable principles that will help you begin to transform your culture and your team.

goodbye stress.
We’ve been there.Bickering. Complaining. Strife. Stress.It’s no fun and it’s counterproductive to building a great practice.

Hello Success.
We’ve discovered a better way.Buy-in. Collaboration. Shared goals. It’s been our path to a rewarding journey and a thriving practice.

Designed to get every team member fully engaged, you and your team will enjoy an interactive workshop designed to help build a culture that helps your team members thrive.

the thriving team

change your team culture...

  • from employee to team member

  • from clock-puncher to collaborator

  • from selfish ambition to shared goals

  • from surviving to thriving

  • from job to mission

  • from frustration to fun

dear practice leader,

A good leader is often thought of as synonymous with words like “rational,” “tough” and “bottom-line focused,” while an effective leader is associated with words like “empathetic,” “kind” and “team-focused.”

I’ve learned first-hand that a great leader not only embodies all of these attributes, but also has laser focus on employee engagement.  When a business fully commits to unbridled collaboration among all levels of employees, the culture of the business begins to shift.

No longer do we find inter-departmental bickering and employees who are solely looking out for themselves. Rather, we discover a culture of cooperation where everyone is working toward the same goal of delivering an amazing customer experience.

Put simply, Team Wins. Thriving teams build thriving practices while also making the practice leader’s job more enjoyable and a whole lot easier.

Your approach to leadership defines the type of culture you want to have. Do you want a culture filled with employees struggling to advance their personal agendas, or a culture driven by team members who come together in a collaborative dedication to achieve a common goal?

Wouldn’t it be great if every member of your team was on the same page, rowing in the same direction, with a shared vision for the practice?

If you’re interested in building a team that builds your practice, I’d love to help.

Kyle Bogan, DDS, FICD, FAGD


Kyle loves to connect with practice leaders interested in developing a thriving team. Please send him a quick note below and we’ll be in touch to see how we can help.

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